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Break-ups and Divorce

Some couples struggle with identifying when their relationship might be over.

Dealing with these questions can be done as an individual, or when choosing to openly discuss the dilemma with one’s partner. 

It is a long and difficult process that can cause a great deal of pain to both partners, since a lot is at stake, even more so when children are involved.

Many people who have experienced a break-up find that the same issues and conflicts which have plagued their former relationships continue to re-appear, long after leaving their partners. This can lead to feelings of frustration and bitterness which then interferes with their ability to form new relationships, further impeding the process of healing and rebuilding an independent self. 

I am here to support you when thoughts of ending your relationship come up, to assist in comprehending the meaning of splitting up, and to guide you through any decision you make, whether it be to stay together and work on your issues, or to go your separate ways. I can also help with understanding the needs of your children during this challenging time, and give advice on how best to prepare them for possible separation.


**The council does not include mediation in any monetary or legal-related issues (custody etc.)***

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