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Therapy for teenagers and young adults

Adolescence is characterized by radical changes. Some are visible, and some are not. The accelerated physical, mental, and emotional growth, causes confusion among many teens and raises a lot of questions and dilemmas. These include the idea of self, social status, relationships within the family, and the anticipation of the future, all of which can consume their attention span.

Discussing these matters with their parents often feels too awkward, and confiding with their peers does not always result in the desired outcome - to be seen, and receive acknowledgment for their needs and authentic aspirations. 

Adolescence is a rather lonely phase!

I offer support and a safe, inclusive space to be heard while helping to choose the ideal path for every individual who aspires to feel more at peace during their transition.

I also offer parental guidance to improve parents’ ability to deal with adolescents and achieve peaceful relationships at home.

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