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Family therapy

Our family consists of the people who are most dear and close to us and for whom we are willing to make sacrifices. It creates a source for warmth, love, support, a home, and a sense of a deeper belonging. 

Relationships between different family members might be compromised by frustration, tension, and power struggles, making us weary as we watch the relationships we worked so hard to build crumble.

As parents, we have a major role as mediators, choosing our style of communication, which then affects our ability to maintain a healthy atmosphere in our homes. Keeping our families united is part of our many responsibilities.

There are sets of rules and approaches parents can use to enhance the sense of togetherness, and diminish conflicts and power struggles. 

Often, even the slightest change in the way we perceive a certain family member or respond to them can lead to a significant breakthrough in the relationship dynamic which can then benefit the whole family. 


I can assist you in:

  • Building stronger connections, while improving communication between parents and children.

  • Strengthening parental authority and establishing boundaries 

  • Improving relationships between siblings

  • Dealing with teenagers

  • Facilitating interactions with extended family members

  • Supporting stepfamilies (round 2)

  • Dealing with familial crises, such as disease, loss, unemployment, and relocation.

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