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Couples therapy 

Healthy intimate relationships contribute to our well-being and support us as we deal with life’s challenges.

Over the course of time, a myriad of difficulties can appear and disrupt the natural balance of any intimate relationship. This can include excessive daily chores, a demanding career, childbirth and rearing, financial hardships, everyday struggles. This can be both exhausting and overwhelming. It can sabotage our relationships and shatter the idyllic image of sharing a life together. 

The good news - it is repairable! Couples have the ability to overcome and reconnect.

The bad news - you should not wait too long to address these issues.

Intimate relationships resemble plants in that they need to be cared for and nurtured, but once withered, the chances of reviving it are slim. 

This does not mean that it is a lost cause, but it does demand effort, commitment, and motivation from both partners. 

Our intimate relationships influence not only us as human beings, but our family atmosphere and relationships with our children.

Many aspects of children's behavior can be traced back to their relationship with their parents. 

Therefore, it is important to develop healthy and fulfilling intimate relationships, not just for ourselves, but also to benefit our families.

I offer couple’s therapy in the following areas:

  • Enhancement of friendship and intimacy between partners, while providing tools to better communication patterns.

  • Understanding and resolving recurring conflicts.

  • Getting a deeper understanding of ways to improve the home atmosphere and relationships among family members.

  • Rekindling the spark in a worn-out relationship and providing guidance and sexual counsel.

  • Dealing with dilemmas concerning “is this relationship good/right for me?”

  • Affair recovery

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